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"John is a great teacher  - he is very gentle, patient and kind.
My daughter (age 11) and son (age 7) enjoyed learning
with John as he always involved them in selecting pieces
of music which interested them. I would recommend
John highly as my children have enjoyed learning with him."
Mrs R Foster (address supplied)

" I feel so confident playing my piano now since
my tuition, I have definitely improved “ - Tanya (address supplied)

“ I’m 85 and John was so patient with me, I could learn
pieces of music that I wanted to learn and there
were no exams to worry about ” - Frank (address supplied)

“ My band has really gone forward since getting help from John,
he has given me wonderful performing advice and has
helped me to finally control my synth ” - Sam (address supplied)

“ I first went to John for acoustic guitar tuition when I was 11,
and now I can play Stairway to Heaven!” - FIN (address supplied)