My Journey

Between the ages of seven and fifteen I sang in my local Church Choir and became head choirboy. During this time I had classical piano lessons from my choirmaster.

At the age of sixteen I had a break from the piano and took up playing the guitar. I formed a duo with my sister, we used to sing and play folk music and Beatles songs and arrange songs how we wanted and in a way that would suit our line up.

I started my first serious band when I was seventeen playing the guitar and singing lead vocals, we performed many cover songs but also introduced some of our own material.

In my early twenties I joined another band as a keyboard player, bass guitarist and backing singer. This inspired me to take up piano lessons again and I worked my way to grade 6.

Since then I have played in quite a few bands; as a guitarist, bass guitarist, keyboard player and as a singer. I have performed at many different types of venue and have such a lot of experience to impart including song writing, rehearsing, performing and recording.

I can offer classical, blues, jazz, rock, reggae, pop, ska and many other styles, I look upon myself as being very fortunate to have had all these varied musical experiences and I love passing on my knowledge to those that need and deserve it.