Health and Safety

Coronavirus Health Policy

Current Coronavirus rules mean that private music lessons can continue under the heading of Education.
So as long as schools can teach so can I

I can  hold face to face music lessons if:

  • both parties wish to do so

I advise that music lessons should be held online if:

  • a student is 75 or over, is pregnant or has serious health conditions

  • a student has, been in direct contact with someone who has had Covid or has any of the following symptoms:

    a new continuous cough, loss of taste or smell or a high temperature

If you do have music lessons in person, then I ask everyone to:  

  • wear a face mask or visor if either person chooses
  • wash their hands on arrival or use antibacterial hand gel which can be provided
  • use a tissue to cover any sneeze or cough placing it in a bin afterwards
  • only touch materials associated with themselves (e.g. pencil, smartphone, music book, folder etc.)
  • try to maintain a distance of two metres and where it isn’t possible then one metre is acceptable (avoid face to face conversations and wear a face covering)

  • bring any health and safety issue to my attention

If you
have music lessons in person then I will:

  • leave fiftteen minutes between each student to aerate and clean the studio  
  • provide an area near the way out of the studio, where the student can leave any items (e.g. shoes, a coat etc.)
  • clean areas that have been touched by the student between lessons. This will include taps, sink, toilets, piano, chairs, door handles etc.
  • ventilate the studio during and after every lesson, by keeping windows or doors open as much as possible
  • ensure that hygiene measures and social distancing are followed as closely as possible